seraphm answered: Uaaah what?? On Aywas or?

yepp! I was bidding on another account but it got sold to a private bidder, sooooo!

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So uh… anyone got an account for sale?


i told snuggs to make the passwords “nuts” for her psds in the easter eggs but she made it somethingELSE ADNASDFKAE;


WIP of a thingy I’ve been working on. It’s sort’ve reference map for a roleplaying world/headcanon, lol.

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Seriously though, please don’t assume a site hasn’t changed in three years if you haven’t been an active part of its community. xD;

Not trying to offend anyone, but… it just seems silly to me to hold on to information that’s more than a few years old. Aywas isn’t even five years old yet; there was bound to be problems when it first opened on such a small budget. It’s definitely grown and changed, since then.

ETA: It’s not perfect, and it has flaws, but the site doesn’t deserve to be damaged by very, very outdated information like “the site doesn’t pay its artists”. Aywas treats it’s artists better than FR, especially, so… idk, I mean we literally just had an event where artists made more than 14k over the course of 3 days… not paid by the site, BUT what other VPS have you played on that hosts that kind of free-for-all sell-your-own-art event while letting you use its own resources (pet bases, etc)? xD




i mean for RL currency, haha, i’ve worked both kinds of contracts for them — USD and site currency

I’d heard first-hand that they fired a majority of their artists and paid the rest of them with mostly site currency, and only their core team of maybe a handful was getting USD. o_o Can you tell me when they started paying this way again? I was a hair’s breadth from getting hired to do the mutation type art about 3 years ago, but the admin suddenly stopped replying to me just when she was finding me a spot. At the time, she said that if I completed a work order in an specific time frame, I’d get paid USD, instead of GP.

A lot of the breeding team systems have gotten a huge overhaul in the past 6-12 months, including a lot of the subsections/types of breeding getting their own admins instead of it all being managed by a single person (I mean, it still is — Frey’s in charge overall, but she’s got people looking after specific queues for many of the breeding types now). There’s also been a ton of USD-option items added recently, which has added enough to the site’s budget that they’ve been able to be more flexible with USD contracts and payments. They’ve put in bonus items and tiers for turning in work on time, too.

I’m not sure specifically what type of coin you were going to work for — that’s usually how it’s separated out. When you say “mutation”, I automatically think RBC (Radioactive Breeding Coin), but those don’t normally require like… redrawing anything, they’re basically just PNGs clipped and put back together to create silly “mutants”. It might’ve been a feature or additional coin-type they never introduced or something? Or maybe EBC (Evil Breeding Coin), which has a chance of making “evil” and snarly monster-type offspring and the edits are drawn by hand?

Nowadays, they tend to announce when USD contracts are available, or when you send in your application, they will give you the option of USD if there is space available in the budget and they feel the quality of your work (both the art itself and being able to be on time) is worth it.

Things are COMPLETELY different now, as opposed to three years ago. Very much more organized and streamlined on the back end.

Flight Rising Registration Tomorrow!

If anyone who follows me is interested, a site I play on in my spare time is opening registration tomorrow at 5 AM PST and will stay open for a full 24 hours. It’s a pretty neat time-waster that is focused solely on dragons; breeding, battling, a weekly sitewide competition called “Dominance”, and a ton more!

If you wanna use me as your referral player, I’m Tay #726!

mylittlespambox said: Tay…question: would you be willing to color HA Set PSD? Maybe? =X

Sure! I hadn’t even considered that as a possibility, but it’d be the same price as coloring anything. :D

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Selling coloring slots, uniques, & rights!

Last day, so come check it out. :) I currently have nobody lined up for PSD coloring slots!


I got this cute guy the other day (he came with a really awesome message and a package of food + trinkets and I loved it, it was my first sorta in-character message attached to a dragon).

I already have underbelly, so I’ll be putting that on him in a few minutes, but I can’t decide between Tiger and Clown for a primary. D:

(He has Lightning eyes. Silly Scrying tool.)

I really don’t like Ice Iridescent on Wildclaws… I like subtle, but not so subtle that I can’t even tell if it’s there. :|

He needs a name, too.


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