This makes me so sad. I only experienced this 1 time and I highly enjoyed having the chance to send metals to my friends. I sent a few to at least 4 people and it made me real happy to see them so happily received.

:c I can only hope that the holiday isn’t cut from the list this year/the coming future. I can understand if it does get cut though.

What! D: Oh no, I absolutely love this event. I don’t see why they can’t adjust to fit the new NPCs…

hi guys all these customs are in my shop but I really would like to offload them, so

I’m selling them for 10 GP each and you can claim them here on tumblr, just reblog with your user ID# and which one(s) you want

pls don’t send the GP until I confirm that you’ve got the pet(s) — aka me sending the gift/trade request

The only one I have the PSD for is the Lysk, ironically enough.

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I really need to go on a naming binge for my customs. idk I’m just so picky. ;__;



PLBC #21

Surprise me (first time ive had one of these) - Celestial

Elegant - Bioluminescent Octopus Tattoo - Love Sunset

This was… an interesting list to say the least. I’ve never made an octopus before 


i didn’t realize my melo had grandchildren ahaha i was like


where did those edits coME FROM THOSE ARE MINE

kaiyo, these are all so gorgeous aaahhh

Selling this cutie and the species rights in this thread!


also for some reason I thought Mally wasn’t doing speedy breedings anymore and that it was just Drei? Is that incorrect?

eta: Thanks for the answers! Much appreciated!




I get that Drei got a lot of breedings

I get that Drei does them at the pace she was asked

But don’t get pissy when people are mad that their SPEEDY breedings are taking longer than non SPEEDY breedings.

They were promised a quick, quality turnaround and they’re NOT GETTING IT. That’s it. It’s not Drei’s fault, but she also has to understand that people have every tight to be pissed when things aren’t delivered as promised.

If anything, the Speedy Breeding thing needs to be renamed. BEcuase it is literally the opposite of what it’s supposed to be.

truth but getting frustrated AT ME about it does literally NOTHING but make me pissed off at you

i would be less pissy about it if i wasnt meeting the terms of my contract, but i am.

sorry but i honestly don’t see how using the artist’s notes feature to harass someone is justified because it’s not going as fast as you expected

like someone else already pointed out, the reason the ticket is no longer “speedy” is not because drei isn’t doing her work, it’s because there is an incredibly long queue.

as far as evidence shows, she is doing her work on time and within her quota. it’s not her fault that a shitton of other people like her work just as much as you do (or the person harassing her does).

honestly the only way, that i can see, that speedy breedings will return to their “speedy” status is if the speedy breeding tickets are limited release after drei catches up with her current workload. and by that i mean SEVERELY limited more than they already are, as in, there are very small batches released at a time that specifically corresponds to how quickly drei can get them done. i.e., only enough speedy breeding tickets are released to fill, say, a month-long quota for drei. and then re-released when her queue is empty.

right now they just release them periodically and anyone who can afford them buys them and they’re unlimited stock during that time period, right? idfk. it’s been a while since i’ve done any breeding at all.

speedy breedings


im not giving dates bc occasionally i jump around a tiny bit bc of inspo or no psds or whatever other reason and return to it as soon as a can but

i just?? found a breeding with a note on it asking if it had been started and they they’re getting impatient and???//// i still have 28 breedings in my queue and i am 100% absolutely on time and on track with where i should be on my breedings and deadlines and im sorry if you’ve been waiting but???? i am working on it??? i am working???? i am making my way through it??

people should not be allowed to abuse the breeding notes like that

kinda hope they get reprimanded

they’re there to help the breeding artists out, not freaking harass them




Oh! I’m so good at art all of a sudden!

Probably traced. If used as just a reference, it wouldn’t fit that perfectly, and you can see the tracing signs as well.

Also its literally the very first picture of a corgi on google images.

Oh wow. Yay, you found my reference pic!

I used it to find the shape and length of the paws, as I’m more used to longer legs. So if the legs are proportional to the reference picture, wouldn’t the rest of it be proportional as well, if the artist was going for realism?

I worked REALLY hard on that to get it to look exactly like the reference picture (Sans addition of Faeg edits).

And I’m not entirely sure where you see this so called perfect fit anyways. The ears, the chest fluff, the butt, the paw shape, and the face tufts aren’t even a “perfect fit”

Thank you for making a public mockery of me, though. Especially on anon! You didn’t even have the guts or decency to talk to me privately! You just wanted to stir up some drama, didn’t you?

I’ll never understand why people want to make drama out of the most stupid things…. I have a feeling you’re the one who got pissed about my calling it a Bubblegum Cheetah Oske.

Please find something else to do than rant about nonsensical things and try to accuse others of things they didn’t do.

not my confession but here are some tips you’re going to need if you want to be an artist:

using references 1
using reference 2

that rant is not nonsensical, using a reference to a T is not referencing. it’s not a stupid complaint either because this a big mistake a lot of artists make and it serves you no good in the end, other than destroying your own credibility.

i’m sorry, but there’s nothing to think other THAN tracing if all the proportions line up exactly, as well as fur breaks and such exact facial feature placement, with little stylization especially compared with your other work. and that’s not the way to use reference, and it’s not going to help you learn as an artist.

i wish i could find another tutorial that have that covers this, but tracing isn’t even a bad thing! it can be really useful to learn proportions especially, as well as how muscles are working and how things look from different views. however, you should keep such thins to your sketchbook or sketch files as something that lines up with a picture exactly isn’t suited to be posted as your original art. but, tracing to learn the proportions, then drawing it on your own with that new knowledge and drawing whatever it is repeatedly until you get it!

oh i remembered it, this tutorial is really useful: the shrimp method.
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