Art is hard and you never cease to learn something new everyday. There is no artist that hasnt encountered a wall, dont turn around, climb it. Believe you can.

Custom Sunday share! Epiktetos.

I have a really soft spot for metal designs and Ryba are one of my favorite pets. This custom is especially important to me because it was colored by Pepperly (unless my memory is completely deceiving me here?) after a betta I had particularly adored and ended up losing. It was an unexpected, out of the blue, and absolutely lovely gesture.

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dodd odododo busts

will open again later this week maybe probably so gl to you all


sever is such a lovely snarly slobbery dragum

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OOAK up for auction soonish!

Or I might wait until I have a couple of OOAKs finished and auction them off at once, idk. xD

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Submerge. The fight to keep your head above water can be a tough one sometimes. 

Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 5 and an hour or two of messy sketching. 

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why am i even allowed on this website

I’m hella hungry now


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So I go on the Aytag and its full of RL pets… Am I missing something here? :/

People are always finding ways to spam the tag with off topic stuff for some reason. This is just the latest one, nothing to worry about.

Orrrrr maybe a lot of us like animals…

You’re perfectly allowed to like it and do it. Nobody’s telling you you can’t.

That said that’s not a good example. It is different. The aytag is the aytag for Aywas. It would be more like if you went to the Aywas Talk section of the forum to talk about your pets, where it would likely be moved to somewhere more appropriate, because it’s off topic. Of course, the aytag doesn’t have moderation.

Please no hyperbole. I’m not telling anyone what to do, that they can’t enjoy this or that, or have fun doing a thing. For the most part, I’m just scrolling past, but I am allowed to find it annoying and you guys don’t need to take it as some big dramatic attack.

I guess I might’ve come off a little strong, but I think what upset me more than anything is the fact that you referred to something that a good portion of people in the tag are enjoying as “spam”, or that we are “find ways” to spam the tag as if those of us who are participating are doing it specifically to spite anyone else.

The tag is so often filled with actual spiteful drama and toxicity that I got a bit defensive over something I viewed as a positive respite and community interaction.

I apologize.

finaldelta said: wow i really like the shading on this, tay!

ahh thank you very much! I have been trying out some different methods and tools in SAI. If I’m honest, I’ve been a little bit disappointed with my lack of progress in designs (and overall art), so I’ve been slowly creeping out of my comfort zone. c:

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Not necessarily a final palette, just some colors to differentiate the edits and things better. -thumbs up-

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