why did you take down the post about the teo skype group

Because someone asked me to.

I may not necessarily agree with what is happening, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect them as people. Nothing they’re doing is technically rule-breaking, and if they’d rather it not be talked about publicly, then okay.

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I drew my new baby ridgeback and two random dragons today on the stream :’D

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Full Body commission for Manojalpa!

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i interrupt your teos with a cute melo i made for sync for her birthday ugu

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Our Scav team has an email that we’re sharing…. Our fucking search history. What the hell, guys?


So, someone on your team probably has a yeast infection or suspects that they do and they’re trying to figure it out? And you’re trying to shame them/embarrass them for it…??

-shakes head-

Grow the fuck up. Yeast infections are a pretty common occurrence for women (or anyone with a vagina). It just happens. It’s like dandruff, or getting a cold. Perfectly normal. Avoidable and curable with proper hygiene and/or medications. Some people get them more often than others. Vaginas are kind of finicky.

I empathize with your teammate. Sex education in America, particularly, is incredibly lacking and a lot of girls don’t even know that it’s normal to have discharge regardless of having a yeast infection or not, during different times of their menstrual cycles. Everyone’s different, though.

Now, if there was stuff coming up in your guys’ search history that was HIGHLY ILLEGAL, I’d definitely be worried.


I’m never going to finish this.

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cries quietly

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Hey Aywas tag, is there a way to upload PSD’s besides using dropbox, because I’m not sure how safe that site is yet I would like to upload customs without worrying about not having a PSD for breeding?

Dropbox should be perfectly safe? Plenty of professionals use it!

yooleebird (sorry, i am mobile)

I guess technically they call it harassment? But yuh in the mini rants first post and the how to use guidelines… just feels like I have seen quite a few mini rant clashes which definitely cross the line into direct harassment.

okay i realize that person is 100% disgusting and it’s fine for people to respond to them in their thread to tell them how wrong and gross they are but uh

what happened to no targeting in mini rants

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